something special about the forest

What better way to launch our photo stories than to begin with a festival that embodies what we are all about?

Was it an offbeat adventure? We walked through a fire escape and had a dude read poetry uncomfortably close to our face so yes…you could say it was quite offbeat.

Were there beautiful moments to be captured? Electric Forest churned out beautiful moments like its life depended on it…but my favorite moment probably has to be watching a tall, bearded guy get married to an avocado in the chapel. I’ll ship them forever.

Someone once said, “The further you’re willing to travel for a festival, the more magical it will be” and this couldn’t be more true. We are based in the greater Los Angeles area and had to travel 8+ hours to get to this magical forest in Rothbury, MI. All I gotta say is…if you are ever at a crossroads on whether to travel for 8+ hours for an off-the-beaten-path festival adventure, absolutely do it. If you’re still a little unsure, maybe our recap video above will change your mind 🙂